Everyone believe content is King but here at Lebedev, we believe content is the Kingdom. Content writing is an important online marketing strategy to drive traffic, generate leads and make more sales.
Content writers are professionals that research, curate and produce contents that will be used for blogs or websites. Every website has specific target audience and different content is required for each website.


Leads and Sales

Research and studies have shown that companies that upload contents at least 11 times a month are more likely to generate more leads than those that do less.
This simply means with original and SEO contents, you stand the chance of making more sales.

Content writing connects you to the local consumers

The world revolves around the internet. Over 90% of consumers search online for products. Gone are the days when you need to flip through the internet before getting results that are virtually close to you. Improvements in tech allow customers reach out to companies with just a click.
Great contents will help attract local customers.

Content writing is cost efficient

Content writing is an efficient and cost effective marketing strategy. Research and studies have shown that website contents are 60% less expensive than other online marketing strategy and it generates 300% of leads than other strategies.

Content is a trusted marketing strategy

Studies have shown that contents are one of the most trusted promotional materials. This means your prospect and consumers are more likely to trust brands with original and unique contents.
Content help boost brand reputation, create a strong consumer base and large audience base.


At Lebedev, we understand the importance of quality contents. Our content writing team comprises of Native writers, proofreaders and editors that help curate original, unique and plagiarism free contents.
Here at Lebedev, content is kingdom.