If you run a business in a single or multiple regional locations, there is need for you benefit from Levedev local SEO service.
Local SEO simply means optimizing the website for local searches using local SEO strategies.
Local SEO service is aimed at ranking higher and generating traffic in local search. The bottom line; Local SEO will help you beat your competitors.


Local strength

The major reason why you need local SEO is to beat local competitors and rank high on search engines. Local SEO helps you strengthen your brand and make your business available whenever prospect search in the region.

Online customers find their business through the internet

Local SEO can be seen as the modern Yellow page. Local SEO allows people that need local product or service get to your online shop. This means you stand the chance to attract customers from the 95% internet user in your locality.

Target market

Local SEO is strategic and tailored towards the local customers. Your market gets to the target audience.

Cost effective and gives result

Ti create a business page on Google, local directories are very cheap. In addition, Local SEO results in quality leads and sales. The bottom line; Local SEO offers strong Return on Investment (ROI)


Lebedev is saddled with the responsibility of positioning your business at the customer’s eye on search engines and digital marketing platforms. We help you build a strategy that works for you to grow your brand, drive leads and makes sales.