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Are you constantly searching for a web development and promotion company that can seamlessly take care of all your business website development and other related needs? Welcome to Lebedev – your one-stop shop for solution that will suit all your goals.
Technology has changed almost entirely every aspect of human endeavor, and our businesses are not an exception.
Every day, thousands of new businesses spring up, with almost all of them vying for a spot on the internet. This makes the online platform even more competitive than ever. Thus, there is increased difficulty, and a slimmer chance for most new businesses to standout and make their presence visible.

We offer a total package which will usher in a whole new era for your business. We have the required skill set, expertise and we take our time to fully understand your business before proffering a solution which will yield the desired results.
While you may be tempted to hand this rather very important aspect of your business to just anyone, you must understand that this will not bring you the desired result – your business is special and requires a website just as exceptional.
Let us take your web experience to the nest level!

Our Services

Web Development

Today, a website is no longer perceived as an important part of a business – it is now in fact the business. A good website design can improve your business in a whole lot of ways. Not only does it let you operate without limitations of having to use the “NOW CLOSED” sign, it also exposes your business to the entire world and gives you a competitive edge in today’s very competitive market.
A business website that can help you reach your goals is one that allow your many customers interact with your business regardless of where they are. It takes into consideration a whole lot of factors including smooth navigation from one page to the other, responsiveness as well as mobile friendly. This is where we stand out from the rest. We design top-quality websites with all the added advantages that will boost your online presence, giving you an edge which will set you up for success.

Contact one of our in-house experts today, so we craft you a website that will suit your every goals.

SEO Services

It doesn’t just stop at having a business website. The most important thing is to offer the kind of interaction that will pull your numerous customers closer to your brand. If a customer needs to type in your website URL for every time they need to interact with your business, then you may just have yourself some problem. A very critical but often overlooked component of online marketing is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). And while a lot of agencies boast in their ability to implement SEO for your websites, you often learn the bitter truth – it takes more than words to achieve.
At Lebedev, we are armed with all the latest strategies (onsite and offsite) to boost your website onto the top of Google search page. You can count on our expertise to give your website the much needed increased visibility and bring you to millions of customers looking for your products and services.

Why SEO?

Did you know that billions searches are processed by Google servers on a daily basis? Did you also know that a greater majority of buyers do not bother looking past the first page?

This goes to tell you how important it is to rank your website on the very top of Google SERPS. While you choose to promote your website using ads, but have you ever stopped to ask yourself what would happen when you can no longer keep up? The answer is very simple – your website sinks into oblivion.

But not to worry, we bring you an even better option – Search Engine Optimization, (SEO), which once done, keeps your website on the very top of Google search for a very long time without requiring any further action.
Do not leave this crucial aspect of your business to amateurs – let us help you now!