Building a website these days is easy but building a website that

  • Isaesthetically pleasing
  • All-device responsive
  • Has good SEO
  • Unique and perfect for your brand is not easy

This is why there is need to employ WordPress experts to help you design your WordPress website.



Uniqueness and simplicity make up the essence of every design. We all know when we visit a template website (template websites may have unique contents but the layout and design is recognizable.) compared to a website developed by experts. Customers are more impressed when they are on expert designed websites.

Custom Websites

You can only experience the perfect online feeling when you are on a custom designed website. WordPress experts will help you create a WordPress website that is responsive to all device and load faster.

Better SEO

WordPress experts understands that websites need unique contents to help rank on search engines. Websites experts will help build the website from scratch to be sure SEO is at the heart of development.

Slimmer and faster website

Only a WordPress expert will tell you the preexisting plugins performs the function you want it to perform. WordPress experts will also help you trim out plugins that are weighing your website down to make it slimmer and faster.

The bottom line; A slimmer and faster website is more responsive and user friendly.


Here at Lebedev, our WordPressexperts listen to your demand. Next is to work towards achieving your plans and deliver your perfect website. Remember your website is your online shop/ store/ office. Hire an expert so you get a perfect online shop/store/ office